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Baroque collection with 111 products
Baroque 6 Collections 111 products  
Bird Bath collection with 1 products
Bird Bath 1 product    
Chianti collection with 6 products
Chianti 6 products    
Dogs collection with 22 products
Dogs 22 products    
Fiorentina collection with 4 products
Fiorentina 4 products    
Firenze collection with 6 products
Firenze 6 products    
Fish Fish  collection with 5 products
Fish Fish 5 products    
Fleur De Lis collection with 7 products
Fleur De Lis 7 products    
Fontana collection with 2 products
Fontana 2 products    
Hop! Hop! Ceramic collection with 1 products
Hop! Hop! Ceramic 1 product    
ORO collection with 5 products
ORO 5 products    
Pompei collection with 7 products
Pompei 7 products    
Salute collection with 4 products
Salute 4 products    
Shell collection with 6 products
Shell 6 products    
Silver collection with 21 products
Silver 21 products    
Terrazza collection with 5 products
Terrazza 2 Collections 5 products  
Tutti Frutti collection with 2 products
Tutti Frutti 2 products    
Vivere collection with 11 products
Vivere 2 Collections 11 products  

More than 35 Years, INTRADA ITALY has been a pioneer in bringing the best of Italian Pottery, Italian Ceramics, Italian Glassware & Italian Dinnerware to the rest of the world. Since 1979, we take pride in offering the highest level of customer service & quality. Every handmade Italian ceramic creation we offer reflects an artistic, colorful and ...... Read More